Cream Artec ASC90  P90 pickups with adjustable poles



Artec ASC90  P90 pickups with adjustable poles

P90 pickups are single coil but with a higher output and more middle range power than conventional single coil pickups. These pickups maintain the high power and bright tone of the P90 pickups, but with greater clarity and response to bass. They also have a very balanced output with excellent clean sounds. These pickups are indicated for blues, smooth jazz and soft rock. Its row of adjustable poles allows you to adjust the height of each pole individually for greater accuracy. Two cables wiring


Red (bridge) and White (neck): live

Chrome: Earth

-Magnets: Ceramic

-Adjustable poles in chrome color

-Pole spacing: Neck 50mm. Bridge 52mm

-Color: Cream

-Resistance: Neck: 8,8 kohms and Bridge: 8,8 kohms


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